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About Oscarmount


Academics at Oscarmount are rooted in a global liberal arts curriculum that fosters creative thinking and developing a broad perspective. With a student-faculty ratio of only 12:1, our online instruction system is probably one of the best — giving students the opportunity to work closely with highly accomplished faculty scholars dedicated to teaching and mentoring.

Students at Oscarmount choose from more than 60 majors and 12 preprofessional programs featuring a strong emphasis on experiential learning that includes internships, research and global experiences.

Engaging the World

A widely recognized leader in global education, Oscarmount ranks among the top 20 colleges in the country for the number of students who study from abroad. We offer nine languages, two world-focused majors, and plentiful opportunities to make a global difference through volunteer work. Our students come from 31 countries and speak dozens of languages.
In the beyond classroom facility, Oscarmount encourages students to examine ethics and values as they prepare to become responsibly engaged in the world.

Programs of Study

Popular Schools of Study

School of Engineering School of Business School of Nursing School of Social Services School of Natural Sciences

International Faculty Members

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Academic Support & Resources

The Academic Resource Center is a great resource for students of all classifications to maximize their education and lay a strong foundation for a successful college career. You’ll be able to connect with study groups for your classes, receive academic counseling, find tutors and much more.


Our Greatest Asset

Our more than 200 faculty members are knowledgeable and passionate about their fields, and they want to see you succeed in more than just academics.

They take time outside the classroom to listen to, encourage you because they are dedicated to seeing you grow as an individual—in your education

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Oscarmount is internationally accredited through the association of accreditation agencies promoting academic quality

Our Programs

Degree Programs

Our degree program is designed to ensure students and working adults receive the highest academic qualification and career excellence.
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Diploma Programs

Our online diploma programs are devised by industry experts and leaders to ensure you develop competence and skills for success.
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Graduate Certificate Programs

All certificate programs offered at the University provide students with a unique opportunity to succeed in their respective fields.
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Undergraduate Certificate Programs

This program is designed to help students explore and understand in depth the field of their interest. Students and working adults can change or progress through this program.
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