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Oscarmount´s faculty members are committed to providing the highest quality education with expertise obtained over years of experience. They draw from years of study and experience in their fields to craft courses that develop their students’ critical thinking, creativity, decision-making, professionalism and more.

At Oscarmount, faculty members do more than just teach—they guide. It might be by sitting down with a student to discuss study techniques for the next test, or scheduling an upcoming test with their whole class online, or praying with a soon-to-be-graduate over future plans.

However they choose to guide, one thing’s clear—our faculty members care about their students. And that’s what makes
the difference.

  • Ramona Carlson PHS Organization & Management
  • Mike Bryson Masters Nursing Management
  • Jim Blumer Masters Netwoking & Computer Sciences
  • David Boyd PHD Marketing & Advertising
  • Bruce Coleman Masters Nursing Management
  • Stephanie Carper PHA Occupation Fire & Safety Sciences
  • Donna Collins PHD Art & Design
  • Al Carl Michael PHD Business & Management

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